Gold Has Always Been The Human Symbol Of Wealth

old gold necklace

Ancient Gold Necklace

No matter how far you look back in human history, anytime we humans have had the technology to change the elements around us, we have made items of decoration of our bodies and our dwellings.

As soon as we had the technology to gather the beautiful precious metal that is gold, we have been focused on obtaining and keeping as much of it as possible.  It is the definitive symbol of wealth and status for the human race.

There are many different types of gold jewelry but probably the most common is the ring.  In fact, we put so much emphasis on gold rings that they are even used to signify the ultimate bond between a man and a woman – marriage.  But, while wedding bands may be the most common form of ring that we wear, there are many different types of gold ring that are used for all different occasions.

These different styles of rings com in all shapes and sizes, from simple bands (as traditionally used for weddings) to intricate designs of interwoven colors of gold set with all sorts of different color gemstones.  We use these rings for special occasions and for daily wear and many us, me for one, like to change them as they go in and out of fashion.

This leads to a problem.  What do we do with these gold rings when they go out of fashion or we no longer want to wear them?  We simply can’t just forget about them as they, typically cost a lot of money to buy.

The answer is that we sell them and use the money to purchase different gold rings that are in fashion – and that we can show off to the world to display how wealthy and fashion conscious we are.

So, if you want to sell your old gold rings you will need to use a gold buyer.  These can easily be found by looking in your local area and doing a search for something like cash for gold Glendale ca and looking at the list of buyers who service your city.

The good ones are easy to find and they will pay you for your gold based on the quality of the gold (karat weight) and the weight (grams).  It should be based on the daily spot price of gold – which is, so you know, what a troy ounce of 24 karat gold is worth on the market to buy.

Doing this will ensure that you, like me, will always have a new gold ring to wear and that you have not wasted a lot of money by leaving your old rings sitting around and gathering dust.

Gold, I love it, and the more I have the better I feel.


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